Measuring Glass For Patio Tables

This time of year it seems the replacing of last years broken garden furniture glass is the first thing on peoples mind when getting the garden ready for BBQ season. The most popular being the patio dining table top. The first thing to consider is the thickness of the glass you require, and there is certinl;y more that meets they eye when it comes to getting the right glass for your furniture. Below are a few tips from the experts how how to get it right first time

- The glass thickness on most table sets that come with the glass are 5 or 6mm, although glass manufacturers often offer an 8 or 10mm thickness also, and so the length and width are not the only measurements worth considering. The thicker the glass the stronger the glass will be, but also much heavier. This is a useful bit of knowledge should you be replacing the glass on a less sturdy rattan furniture set for example.

- Getting the size right.  If the glass is also going into a recess on the table top the thickness will certainly be a factor but not necessarily as important as the dimensions such as the length and width. When measuring glass for a recess on the table do always remember to factor in a small reduction the the measurements of the glass by 1-2mm on either side so as to create a small gap around the glass that sits i the recess. This allows the table to flex around the glass if the table should have to be moved and is especially important again with rattan furniture which has a lot of flex.

- Do you need a central hole to fit a parasol? If so, make sure you leave plenty of room for the parasol pole to comfortably move around. One of the main causes of breakage with a glass patio top can be the parasol pole falling in strong winds and causing the table to crack. Always allow roughly 10mm on top of the parasol pole radius length to ensure there is plenty of room.

Glass colour - Replacement glass can come in many different colours from completely clear, green or with a tinted or bronzed effect. Just because you didn't have a coloured glass previously it doesn't mean you cant have one now. There are many options for colour on the Futureglass website.

Futureglass can help with any enquiry about your glass needs. See the link below for examples of the options you can have when replacing the glass on your patio furniture.