Polished cut outs in glass

Adding a polished cut out to your glass furniture such as a boardroom table for example allows media and communication devices to be installed which keep the wiring out of sight. 4 sided cut outs are location limited in the panel, needing the strength of the glass for the edges as with toughened glass the entire panel would break. 3 Sided cutouts to the edge are more forgiving, but place greater stress on the remaining single edge. The holes are made by drilling 4 corners, and cutting between, or waterjet cutting the shame, by making a piercing in the centre of the cutout.

Any polishing is by CNC and the size of the tool available is around 40mm diameter, meaning that a 20mm internal radius is the smallest corner shape that you can have polished. Waterjet cutting is a relatively dear cost, but it allows you to have a smooth finish on the inside and a tighter radius.  The abrasive cut smooths the edges as it passes.