Using Furntiure for Natural Social Distancing

Social distancing in the workplace has no doubt been a daunting and difficult practice. With no real guidance from the 'powers that be' aside from the 2m or 7 foot  rule, how do you go about a suitable and consistent practice of social distancing? Many businesses are now using Furntiure for natural social distancing, which from a psychological and physical barrier perspective makes a lot of sense indeed. When you consider how many times at home or at work you have made conversation whilst sitting either side of a coffee table or across a desk? Have you ever leaned on a boardroom table whilst making chat with a colleague before the Monday morning meeting? The answer to at least one of these questions will surely be a 'Yes, i've done that!'. With this in mind now will be a great time for businesses all around the country to look at their workplace environment and plan the placement of the office furniture more effectively to make social distancing easier for their staff members. The simple addition of coffee or breakout tables in areas to be able to facilitate small meetings or the use of glass toppers for desks and boardroom tables which are far easier to clean and are more hygienic are steps toward a safer working environment for both staff and customers. Futureglass are constantly innovating and producing fit for purpose furniture items for use at home or in the workplace that compliment the needs of the workplace and at the same time are useful in the practise of social distancing. Also see the COVID related safety and hygiene products for the workplace using the link below.