About Us

Our Vision

As a company Futureglass is constantly striving for better. We believe that it is vitally important to always be looking forward at the next thing and consistently developing and producing truly unique and innovative products that not only look great but also actively improve your life. Our ethos is one of continual improvement, not just in our products and services but also in our processes and manufacturing.

member of the association for British furniture manufacturers

Our Qualities

Futureglass is designed to reflect the modern life style. We create high-quality products that are simple and quick to assemble. Each product has evolved through a rigorous process of customer-focused research, engineering design and prototyping. The result is that each product is perfectly suited to its environment and functional requirements. To ensure long life, we individually inspect each product before dispatch to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

Our Designs

Futureglass products have clean contemporary lines and make a significant design statement in any interior. Using glass as the primary material means that each design complements and harmonises with any environment. This gives you the opportunity to place Futureglass products anywhere. Whatever the interior design scheme, Futureglass products will enhance it. If you’re not convinced, just look at our gallery section.

Our Environment ISO 14001:2015

We understand that all manufacturing processes put some strain on the environment. It is our aim to minimise as much as possible the impact of Futureglass processes. We actively search and seek out new materials, manufacturing techniques and suppliers that promote efficiency, recycling and waste reduction. We know that our actions alone cannot hope to change the world, but we can make a small difference and we hope that our stance will encourage others.


Futureglass Service Standards

We are committed to the highest standards of customer service. We understand the pressures of ever busier lifestyles, so we strive for quick, efficient service and continuous support after the sale. Our aim has always been excellence in product and we believe that service is a core part of a Futureglass product. That is why we aim to maintain stock of our entire range and set ourselves a tough target of a 7-day lead time for most standard products. We believe that this is a key benefit of products manufactured in England to exacting quality standards.

Futureglass Ethical Position

We aim to continuously develop and improve our procedures as far as possible. However, we will not do this at the cost of others. Therefore, we actively seek to avoid exploitation in our operations. Our buying policy gives priority to suppliers with ethical practices. We actively screen suppliers and impose stringent ethical terms as part of our contract of purchase (see terms of purchase Terms and Conditions of Purchase) In our social interaction with the business community we operate and depend upon, we aim to fulfil our duty to society by supporting appropriate charities and acting with a social responsibility wherever possible.


Futureglass has achieved registration to the quality management system ISO 9001:2015 through the British Standards Institution (BSI).

Quality has always been a priority for Futureglass. The company documents all quality processes and operates a policy of continuous improvement. Registration to ISO 9001 takes quality management to a new level. It’s recognition that Futureglass meets the requirements of an internationally-agreed standard for quality management.

Customers can feel confident that Futureglass products, which are designed and manufactured in Britain, match the best in the world for quality.