Repair Services

Futureglass carries out glass repairs for a number of European glass furniture manufacturers, insurance companies and the trade. We design and manufacture our own products using in house machinery which makes us uniquely positioned to repair faulty glass furniture.

When repairing furniture we prefer for the broken item to be brought to our factory. This allows us full access to our machinery and tools, keeps costs low for you and often means we can repair the furniture there and then while you wait.

If a call out is strictly necessary we would first ask you to send us the postcode of the item and any images and information of the damage. This allows us to assess the amount of work needed, what equipment would have to be used and allows us to realistically quote for repairs.

We are often asked if we can supply adhesives and tools for self-repair. This is something we are not often willing to do. We work on glass furniture every day and have an incredible wealth of knowledge when it comes to the processes and materials we use. This allows us to understand the best way to do things and what to avoid. When simply supplying adhesives or tools we cannot impart this expert knowledge and to protect our reputation of extremely high-quality work we are reluctant to go down this route.

The cost to repair your broken glass furniture is largely calculated from how low long it would take us to repair the broken item.

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