Repair Services

We repair for many European furniture manufacturers, insurance companies and the trade. We design and manufacture our own products, so to repair others is often straightforward.

Our preferred place of work is our factory dedicated to manufacturing the furniture. The costs are less, and it is likely to be completed whilst you wait in one visit. 

If we were to have images and a postcode we can often quickly price or advise if there is a chance that we can repair economically.

When presented with an enquiry of can i repair this myself / can you send us the adhesive.... We have the following information and response.

Sadly we do not send out adhesives. Not to hide behind a health and safety banner, but we need to give you more than simply the adhesive which I hope that the following will help explain. We are all day every day working and developing the process to make unique products. Many people including glass companies are adopting the process for one off jobs and are storing often out of date adhesives and the person who was initially trained is perhaps not the person who undertakes subsequent jobs. We see this commonly and we are proud of our standards of work and longevity of bond.

The adhesive is curable by the right frequency of UV radiation (light). Some of this is found in sunlight, so it is possible to achieve this from outside on the right day.


For optimum strength the following is needed...

The parts must be immaculately clean and dry.

Removal of old adhesive often damages the surface finish of the parts you are rebounding.

Simple application of adhesive over the old adhesive will not give a visually appealing nor anything of any strength.


The other tables may also show signs of stress/joint failure.


The cost of repair is largely time based. If you can get a table to our factory, we can often repair whilst you wait if it is booked in.


If you can send image of the table and a postcode then perhaps we can book it when we are in the area....See this table that is from a German manufacturer that is no longer in business...