Frequently Asked Questions:

What is our ethos as a company?:

Futureglass operates as a quality-led manufacturer, recognising that we must be flexible enough to deliver to exacting requirements and short lead times, yet have strict processes to ensure industry leading quality. We worked tirelessly for a decade to meet ISO9001 standards and achieved accreditation. Though we still uphold these values and working standards, we no longer hold accreditation as this stopped adding value for our customers.

We utilise 'lean' manufacturing processes and operate a policy of continuous improvement to reduce lead times, costs and waste. The Futureglass production process enables us to build your product individually when we receive the order. Futureglass products are not mass produced, they are built to order by specialists from standard components manufactured to our exacting standards.


How is glass cleaned?

For clear or unfrosted/treated glass surfaces, any professional grade glass cleaner will bring your furniture back to life, however please be careful to ensure that any grit or dirt is removed before to prevent damage. Once you have done this, simply apply the cleaning fluid as per the products instructions and finish with a clean dry cloth for a sparkling finish.


What are the delivery options for your glass furniture?

Standard delivery.

Our standard delivery is by overnight couriers on a next working day basis. Our standard delivery charge is displayed in the checkout area and is commonly charged at £15 in addition to all RRP prices. Please note, overnight next day delivery is not always available. We are unable to specify a delivery time for our glass furniture and deliveries will be made between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Delivery is a ‘to the door’ service and our couriers can not bring the glass into your premises or install the product. If installation is a service you require, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs however please bare in mind this may incur an extra charge.

For larger products such as sneeze counters we will ship the product on a non returnable pallet.

Same day delivery.

We can make same day delivery arrangements for your glass furniture if this is needed, using a dedicated vehicle/same day courier. We can usually be time specific with this type of service and keep you informed of the deliveries progress. The delivery charge will be calculated in line with your requirements and is usually mileage based.

72 hour economy delivery.

Deliveries of glass furniture of a certain size or weight - i.e. pallet jobs - can be arranged on a 72 hour economy service using systematic couriers. Each order for this type of glass furniture is assessed on a case by case basis and is agreed between Futureglass and the customer.

Collecting from a local retailer.

If you buy your Futureglass contemporary glass furniture online, we also offer the choice of free delivery to a local Futureglass Approved Display Centre, to collect the product at your convenience - weekdays or on a Saturday.


We love to deliver and install our products and are always happy to do so when needed. The cost of this is based on what is required and how much work is required to install. It has always been our intention to produce glass furniture that can be assembled by anyone, but are always happy to assist if needed. Please speak to us prior to installation if you have any questions or concerns. Access to site is assumed to have been checked by you prior to delivery.

Signing for goods.

To ensure that your products remain insured until they are checked, it is important to sign ‘unchecked’ if you are unable to inspect the item at point of delivery. If this you don’t, any damaged goods you wish to claim cannot be returned or exchanged. This does not affect your statutory rights. Terms and conditions for the sale of goods.

Is there a minimum order charge.

We do not have a minimum order charge for our contemporary glass furniture. Whether you order a single glass topped table, or several items of glass furniture, there is no extra fee for doing so. The only time we charge extra is if you order a glass top of other glass furniture component worth less than £100 which forms part of a product such as a glass-topped table of glass Hi-Fi stand. The charge for this is £12.50 and is most common among Hi-Fi retailers who purchase single glass shelves.



As a company we hold a community registered design on a packaging system that we personally developed. This allows us to package glass of any size and shape in a safe and reliable fashion. We do this as the delivery is important for you. Our goods are self insured so that we make sure that unless there are extenuating circumstances, the goods will arrive. Furthermore, the cardboard that we use is recyclable and the plastic we use is also widely recycled.

Tracking an order.

Futureglass will make every effort to inform you of the status of your order whenever possible. We will always call the day before we schedule a delivery in order to confirm you will be around to take delivery and we aim to deliver on days when you would naturally be in. Whenever possible, we will supply you with a tracking code so that you can track the status of your delivery.

How thick should glass be?

Glass thicknesses really depend on the application and potential use of the toughened glass. Not all jobs are going to require the same thickness. As a general rule, we don’t hold stock of glass thicknesses below six millimetre glass, though we can produce it bespoke. For patio top protectors and kitchen splashbacks, where the glass would be supported along the entirety of it’s surface, we would recommend a six millimetre glass thickness. For table tops or desks we would recommend ten millimetre glass thickness. If you have any questions regarding what thickness of glass you require for your project, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Our glass.

Futureglass manufactures contemporary glass furniture from toughened glass, a form of glass that has gone through a process that makes it stronger and safer. The toughening process ensure that not only is your glass furniture less likely to break, but less likely to injure if it does. Toughened glass does not form shard shards when it breaks like annealed or ‘standard’ glass does. Instead, toughened glass forms small blunted granules that won’t cut when touched. We only work with toughened glass in our glass furniture.