Order Fulfillment

As a quality-led manufacturer, we recognise that we must be flexible enough to deliver to exacting requirements and short lead times, yet have strict processes to ensure industry- leading quality. We work to ISO9001 procedures, which we have in place from 10 years of accreditation. We no longer saw the value of this already operate in practice.

We utilise 'lean' manufacturing processes and operate a policy of continuous improvement to reduce lead times, costs and waste while ensuring we can deliver the right product at the right time to the right quality. The Futureglass production process enables us to build your product individually when we receive the order. Futureglass products are not mass-produced - they are built to order by specialists from standard components manufactured to our exacting standards.
This ensures that we can focus on what we do best, and give you maximum choice. However, if our standard sizes or finishes are not what you require, we can manufacture bespoke products, customised to your exact needs. This can include shapes, materials or dimensions not available from any other source.

Cleaning glass furniture

For Clear or unfrosted/treated glass surfaces we recommend Futureglass Glass Cleaner (soon to be commercially available), or other professional-grade cleaning fluid for your contemporary glass furniture.
First ensure any grit or dirt is removed from the glass furniture using a rag or kitchen roll, then apply the cleaning solution to the glass surface following the product instructions. Use a CLEAN, DRY tissue, paper towel or lint-free cloth to finish. This removes any dirt held in solution from the pores of the glass furniture.
The Futureglass Glass Cleaner contains a specials solution that goes into the pores of the glass furniture, making the safety glass surface more resistant to fingerprinting.
Please check back here regularly as we will soon have a video showing how effective a RITEK coating is and how it helps keep glass clean. Demonstration of easy clean glass

Delivery options for glass furniture

What delivery options do you offer for glass furniture?

Standard delivery
Our standard delivery is by Overnight couriers on a next working day basis. The standard delivery charge is shown for each product combination at checkout.  Commonly £15 in addition to all RRP prices on the website that can be delivered on an overnight courier to your door. Non returnable pallets are used for larger products such as Custom Sneeze Counter or Hygiene shield . The delivery service for Futureglass glass is not time-specific, but operates between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. Timed deliveries can be arranged at extra cost. Saturday delivery can also be arranged at extra cost, typically at £15 in addition to all DELIVERED RRP prices on the website.
Delivery is a “to the door” service. Because of insurance and logistics of parking their vehicles, they cannot bring glass furniture into your premises or install the products. Please contact us if you require this service, or if this is not a service that is acceptable to you. We will always look at alternatives to accommodate your specific requirements.

Same day delivery
Special same day delivery arrangements for your glass furniture can be made using a dedicated vehicle/sameday courier. We can usually be time-specific with this type of service and keep you informed of the deliveries progress. The delivery charge will be calculated in line with your requirements, and is usually mileage based.
72-hour economy delivery
Deliveries of glass furniture of a certain size or weight - i.e. pallet jobs - can be arranged on a 72 hour economy service using Systematic couriers. Each order for this type of glass furniture is assessed on a case by case basis and is agreed between Futureglass and the customer.

Collecting from a local retailer
If you buy your Futureglass contemporary glass furniture online, we also offer the choice of free delivery to a local Futureglass Approved Display Centre (link to retailers page) to collect the product at your convenience - weekdays or on a Saturday.


We love to deliver and install our products. We often photograph (with your permission) to show what we have produced. The cost of this depends on what is required to handle and install the product. We have sent 6 people to site before to install large boardroom tables. We have also sent a driver who can lead an install and work with labour on site. It is our intention that any product that leaves the factory needs assembling by people with basic skills in assembly rather than the table needing 'making'. Please of course speak to us before hand as access to site is assumed to be checked by you unless we are asked to attend site which is chargeable. We always appreciate the communication and are happy to discuss the options.

Signing for goods
The most important part of Futureglass’ glass furniture delivery process is to sign “UNCHECKED” for all goods that you have not been able to check when they are signed for. This ensures that the glass furniture remains insured until it has been checked. If you don’t, any damaged goods you wish to claim cannot be returned or exchanged. This does not affect your statutory rights. Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods
Is there a minimum order charge?
There is no minimum order charge for our contemporary glass furniture. You can order a single glass-topped table or several items of glass furniture, there is no extra fee for doing so. The only time we charge is if you order a glass top or other glass furniture component worth less than £100 which forms part of a product such as a glass-topped table or glass hi-fi stand. The charge for this is £12.50 and is most common among hi-fi retailers who purchase single glass shelves.


We hold a community registered design on a packaging system that we have developed. It allows any glass size, to get secure and reliable packaging. We do this as the delivery is important for you. Our goods are self insured so that we make sure that unless there are extenuating circumstances, the goods will  arrive. Furthermore the cardboard that is used is recyclable, and the plastic is widely recycled too.