Gem to disassemble after many years

We love customers calling to ask as this is unique to us and makes our product perform so well.

Happily it is a tool free disassembly process.

It needs a little patience, but a methodical approach will see it come apart.

Start by twisting all of the legs 1/4 a turn - to break the seal. If they are not rotating, then a careful application of WD40 to the joint of where the tube interfaces with the fitting that is bonded to the glass. Protect the glass and the bond from the WD40 (or similar) and allow it to penetrate the joint. This may take overnight for example.

Now twist the tubes each a 1/4 turn starting on the shelves at the top shelf.

With the joints growing add WD40 if you need and the gaps allow.

Rotate each tube a little at a time and the shelves should gradually lift off. It is critical that as soon as you have a little progress with a tube that you STOP and move to the next. It is critical that the shelves lift off parallel to the shelf below. 

If you have any issues with this then please let us know.