File Types, Artwork and Drawings

File Types, Artwork and Drawings

Artwork formats for glass signage

If we want to order glass door signage, what type of artwork do you require? We can produce contemporary glass door signs to your own design Futureglass Signage . You should discuss your glass signage requirements with your Futureglass retailer. They will be able to supply us with the type of plans and drawings we need. If you supply the retailer with a simple sketch, this will help plan the glass sign in line with your requirements from the word go.

We prefer retailers to supply a graphics file in EPS format or a PDF file converted to curves. This makes our printer’s job easier and tells us exactly what type of glass signage you want in the first instance, without having to send you multiple proofs for approval. If your retailer does not have the capability to provide an EPS or suitable PDF file, our supplier can recreate a file using a jpg, for example. There will be regeneration cost of approximately £50.
Please bear in mind installation to glass doors, as specialist on site bonding is required.

CAD Drawings for manufacture

We prefer CAD drawings for any bespoke glass products we produce (link to bespoke page). This saves time in specifying the glass furniture project, and enables our production team to manufacture contemporary glass furniture on the machine using the paths on the CAD drawings. This was used for the video below.

A simple sketch helps us plan the glass furniture product in line with your requirements from the word go. This is essential as bespoke glass furniture cannot be exchanged. We can then present a variety of options for your bespoke glass products and make any necessary changes quickly and easily to ensure that we manufacture exactly to your specification without ambiguity.