Bespoke Glass Sneeze Guards 

In the hospitality sector, bespoke sneeze guards are of absolute importance to ensure your produce is displayed beautifully but also stays clean and hygienic. Glass sneeze guards and counters are a perfect way to do this. Our glass sneeze guards are custom products, designed with the customer in mind. This allows us the freedom to produce the perfect glass sneeze counter to meet your requirements. And with our custom price calculator you can receive an instant online quote for your custom sneeze shield. Simply input your required dimensions and options and the page will automatically update to show you the price for your custom sneeze guard.

Glass Sneeze Guard Design

The first thing for you to decide on your custom glass sneeze counter is the required depth. This can also be considered the length and refers to the size of the front ‘window’ of your custom glass sneeze shield. All of our measurements are taken in millimetres. Please note that if you specify a length greater than 1.8 metres (1800mm) a support rod will need to be installed in the centre of the unit to provide support.

Once you have specified the length, we then ask you to input the desired depth of your glass sneeze guard. The depth refers to how far back the glass sneeze counter goes.

Last but not least the final dimension we require is the height of your custom sneeze shield.

Once you have provided us with the basic dimensions of your custom sneeze guard you can then select some personalisation options for your glass sneeze counter.

Polished Edges

You can choose whether or not you require polished edges for your counter. Edge polishing is a process whereby the exposed edges of your glass sneeze guards are polished to remove their sharpness.

Foot Choice for Sneeze Guards 

We offer three different foot, or installation options for your glass sneeze guard. Different foot choices will suit different situation so we leave this up to you. The first option for your glass sneeze shield is an aluminium channel. This channel is drilled into the top of your worktop and then the glass sneeze counter slots into the channel. This option allows your sneeze shield the ability to be removed for cleaning and combines it with security of a permanent fixture.

The second option for your glass sneeze guard is a discrete rubber strip foot. This rubber strip is affixed to bottom of your sneeze counter and causes friction between the counter and the work surface. This friction, combined with the sneeze guards weight, stops the unit from being accidentally knocked or jogged but allows the unit to be repositioned at will.

The third option for your glass sneeze shield is to silicone fix the unit to the worktop. This process provides the security of the aluminium channel however does not allow the glass sneeze guard to be removed. Please note, Futureglass will not as standard, carry out the installation work. If you require us to install the glass the sneeze shield then please contact us to see if this will be possible. An installation fee may be charged.

Glass Thickness

Once you have selected the installation method of your glass sneeze counter we then ask you to specify the glass thickness you require. For most applications, 10mm glass will be suitable however if damage is a concern we do offer thicker glass.

Sneeze Guard Glass Type

This section can at times be a little daunting as a lot of people don’t know the difference between the glass types. Allow us to explain, so you can choose the best option for your glass sneeze shield.

All of our glass is toughened so breakages are unlikely to occur. The difference between glass types is largely cosmetic. Standard toughened glass has a faint green tint, this is largely noticeable unless you attempt to colour the glass. In this case the green tint will slightly alter the colour you apply to the glass. If colour is a concern for you and you feel accuracy of colour is important for your sneeze guard then we would recommend you choose low iron glass. Low iron glass is specially formulated to remove the green tint and allows for a truer application of colour.

Sneeze Guard Shelves

We find that customers will often wish to include a shelf in their glass sneeze guards. We offer the ability to decide not only the amount of shelves you require but also the depth of these shelves, choosing from half depth and full depth. By default we will divide the sections of your glass sneeze guard equally, if you would like to specify custom shelf spacing for your sneeze shield, then please indicate this to us using the special instructions section.

The special instructions section allows you to include any requests or information you feel is relevant. Please not that while we will always do our best to accommodate your requests this will not always be possible. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Once you have designed your perfect custom glass sneeze counter, the page will automatically display the price of your unit.

Installation/Delivery Details and Lead Times
Installation/Delivery Pre assembled delivered to your door (follow provided instructions) or Suitable for installation by competent person without experience of futureglass products (follow provided instructions)
Lead Times Custom glass requires building once glass produced- expect 3 to 4 weeks

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Glass Sneeze Guards & Counters

  • Brand: Futureglass
  • Product Code: Custom Sneeze Counters
  • Availability: 2-3 weeks - Call if urgent
  • £270.00

  • Ex Tax: £225.00

Available Options

The option price is dependent on the Glass Type, Glass Thickness, the Custom size, and the Polished Edges.

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