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Platform Meeting Table

Platform Meeting Table

Round Glass Conference Desk. Round, glass meeting tables are perfect for smaller offices and vi..

£599.00 Ex Tax: £499.17

GEM Separates Glass Hi Fi Stand

GEM Separates Glass Hi Fi Stand

Modular Glass Home Cinema Stand. Music plays an incredibly important role in our lives. We all ..

£298.01 Ex Tax: £248.34

Glass Sneeze Guards & Counters

Glass Sneeze Guards & Counters

Bespoke Glass Sneeze Guards In the hospitality sector, bespoke sneeze guards are of absolute im..

£480.36 Ex Tax: £400.30

Arctic Home Desk

Arctic Home Desk

Chrome Frame Home Office Desk. The Arctic home desk is a stunning example of contemporary style..

£299.00 Ex Tax: £249.17

Glass Furniture Manufacturer and Bespoke Glass Products

Welcome to Futureglass, the high quality glass products manufacturer and resource for innovative glass products, all designed and manufactured in the UK. We produce a wide range of products, all united by exemplary design and manufacturing excellence with the chance to customise, a feature we believe iscritically important in the glass furniture we produce.

We manufacture beautifultables for the home including elegant coffee tables and sophisticated diningtables. And for those of you who work from home we even have a range ofcontemporary home office furniture. All of our products come with a wide rangeof decoration options meaning that your furniture can become a special part ofyour home.

Sharing in this innovation are the modular Gemrange of glass Hi-Fi stands that don’t just look great but actively improve thelistening experience.

Our Glass Products Range

Our reach is not limited to the home however, the quality of our products gives the benefit of simple elegance for the work environment. The office furniture we produce can be delivered fast and to ahigh quality from a standard range or bespoke. Our products feature bothpracticality and style; desks for the office or luxurious boardroom tables in awide range of sizes and shapes. Receptions too can benefit from customisationin order to fit your corporate identity using our glass decoration services. Wemake it easy for you to have a custom logo or pattern included directly ontoyour glass. Glass topped desks include practical features such as, built inpower and data modules, cable management and we even sell executive ergonomicsit-stand desks ideal for the modern office. We can create bespoke welcomedesks for your reception area in response to your needs because we understandhow important it is to create the right impression, straight away. This is amantra we carry through with our range of Glass signage allowing you toinstantly welcome and impress your clients.

Our work producing commercial contract furniture has lead us into the hospitality sector where we provide hygienic food storage display counters, stylish bistro style tables complete with a range of-complimentary chairs.

Quality Glass Product Manufacture

Although Futureglass is proud to cater to a wide array of sectors, we ensure that they all share the highest manufacturing qualities manufactured in the U.K. and are products you would be proud to own.Whilst making our luxury products we do not cut corners and ethically source all of our materials, part of our manufacturing culture. The glass used in our productsconforms to BS EN 12150-2:2004 (which replaced BS 6206A).

Whatever you are lookingfor, whether it's a round glass dining table or a rectangle shaped multi-pieceboardroom table, Futureglass is sure to be able to provide, nationwide and ofcourse for export. Not just London and the Home Counties.

boardroom tables

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We believe that your boardroom should never look anything less than amazing and have designed a wide range of products that not only look great but offer practical features such as built in cable management, power and data modules and even a clever ergonomic sit stand feature.

Bespoke Products

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Here in Futureglass, we pride ourselves for our innovative designs and high quality products. For this reason, architects and interior designers are among our favourite partners. We can provide striking glass furniture or bespoke solutions to all their needs!

dining furniture

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We not only design and manufacture stylish toughened glass furniture but we also work with like minded chair manufacturers in order to be able to offer you full furniture packages consisting of the perfect dining chairs to match your toughened glass dining table.All of our products are fully customisable to to match your interior design scheme and room size and shape.

display cases

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There is nothing that can beat the elegance of glass, or to provide a better solution for displaying products. Completely clear, it offers no obstructions while the product itself is in full display!
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