All Glass Business Table. 

Round, glass meeting tables are perfect for smaller offices and visitor rooms as they give the illusion of space. The glass reflects the light and creates an open, appealing working area.

The 120 Degrees Table is designed for professionals who need co-ordinated furniture in a corporate environment. This circular glass table, available in a choice of nine different table top sizes, and clear, black or toughened glass, offers a tasteful solution.

The base of this table is formed of low iron glass.

What is low iron glass?

Here at Futureglass we get asked about low iron glass a lot, some people simply don’t know what the difference between low iron and our standard toughened glass is. Whilst some people want to know if it’ll cost them any more to have low iron glass on their table instead of our standard glass, that’s why we're here to address your questions and hopefully shed some light on the subject.

So first off we should explain exactly what low iron glass is, how its made and what kind of practical uses it may have. Glass is made using silica sand as one of the main ingredients. However silica sand contains naturally occurring iron oxides, it's these oxides that produce the green tint that is present in standard toughened glass. Low iron glass uses a sand with a reduced iron content to minimise the green tint. This results in a significantly clearer piece of glass. Normally standard glass would be fine in most situations however there are a couple of places where low iron content glass would work better than standard. shop windows for instance, or if you are looking to apply a colour to your piece of glass. If you were to apply a colour to a standard piece of toughened glass, the green tint would alter the colour slightly. This would result in a piece of glass that didn't quite match what you had in mind. However if you were to use the same process on low iron glass, the result would be a significantly more accurate portrayal of the colour you wanted. Low iron glass can be put through processes such as, grinding, drilling, tempering, laminating, mirroring, coating and printing just the same as standard glass. Really the only difference is the lack of green tint.

Now to address the other big question; Is it more expensive than standard glass? Unfortunately the answer to that question is yes. Low iron glass is in fact more expensive almost doubly so…..for us. Low iron glass is more expensive as a raw material however, polishing and cutting and all the processing stages that it goes through to become a beautiful Futureglass product stay the same. Meaning that it will only cost you on average, twenty percent more than a standard glass product.

Part of this cost is due to the fact that we don’t hold stock of low iron glass, so every time you order a low iron glass product we have to order it in specifically for your product.

So there you have it, the ins and outs of low iron glass, I hope that this has helped to clear up any concerns you may have had and if you have any further questions about low iron glass, or any of our other products and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The table simply fits together using Futureglass’s strong UV bonding system. Pre-bonded bosses are fixed to the glass table top, which allows the pedestal to be fitted without fuss.

Futureglass tables are designed by British designers and are built in the United Kingdom conforming to the new toughened glass standard, BS EN 12150-2:2004 (which replaced BS 6206A).

If you have any questions with regard to a 120 Degrees Office table or for any of our other Glass Furniture products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Installation/Delivery Details and Lead Times
Installation/Delivery TFA (follow provided instructions)
Lead Times Made from stock components allow seven days
Lead Time Variants <ul><li>Wooden legs are finished to order and often add seven days to lead time,</li><li>Frosted glass is produced in house after product is made and needs 3-4 days of lead time, </li><li>Back painted glass in standard colours is produced after product is made and can add a week to lead time,</li><li>Colour matched paint on standard glass can add two weeks to lead time,</li><li>Colour matched low iron glass is a four week lead time</li></ul>

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Low Iron 120 Degrees Office Table

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