Workspace Furniture

Workspace Furniture

Glass - shaping the contemporary office landscape

Futureglass glass contract furniture is making a big impact on every aspect of the contemporary office. You’ll find our glass signs in reception areas, entrance signage and direction signs. They’re suitable for screen printing, engraving or other techniques and offer a visually-attractive, tough and durable solution with clean lines and inherent design flexibility, inside or out.
Our Welcome glass reception desk is an elegant modern design suitable for contemporary reception areas. It’s available as a full-size, single piece or modular glass bespoke reception desk for flexible configuration. For example, we can create units that are rectangular, L-shaped, curve-fronted …. with any colour glass (including frosted or black). To add a further touch of distinction, you have the option of printing, etching or engraving your corporate logo or any words or images of your choice on the glass top.
Futureglass reception tables feature stylish glass tops and legs in a range of finishes that enhance the corporate reputation and make a statement of uncompromising quality in any reception area.
Getting down to work, our glass desks and meeting tables represent stunning pieces of contemporary glass furniture for companies who don’t want to compromise design and appearance in the office for the sake of functionality. They provide a practical, highly-efficient workspace with toughened glass tops that are robust and spacious enough for the multi-purpose needs of the modern office. Some models feature clever cable management ensuring there are no untidy wires to clutter up the office.
Futureglass offers attractive glass conference tables whose clean lines create real impact in any business environment. They are ideal for both formal and informal meetings and are designed to meet the needs of businesses who look for a stylish contemporary design that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.
For those high-level meetings, the bespoke Dual Ultimate glass boardroom table sets new corporate standards. The bespoke table top can be produced in any size to provide the optimum tailor-made solution for your boardroom. For example, we can create table tops that are rectangular, barrel-shaped .... with any colour glass, including frosted or black. The glass top can be further customised by engraving, printing or etching a company logo, text, images or other graphics, adding a further touch of distinction.
Futureglass is an independent British company dedicated to quality and innovation in contemporary furniture in glass. Unlike many of our competitors, we are furniture specialists who work in glass and that means the design, style and performance of our products comes first.

The Futureglass range of contemporary office furniture has everything you need for the modern workplace.

We design and manufacture a whole host of high-quality products specifically for the workplace such as glass reception tables, boardroom tables, workspace desking and seating, glass signage, bespoke reception desks, you name it we make it.

All of our products come in a wide range of sizes from small to large depending on your requirements.

All of our products (whether it’s a large glass boardroom table or a custom audio-visual support) are customisable allowing you to invest in glass furniture that reinforces your brand identity or corporate image.

We stock square glass, circle glass, barrel-shaped glass, oval-shaped glass and rectangle glass with each shape available in a range of stock sizes.

If stock isn’t what you’re looking for however, we are happy to talk about bespoke options.

Our toughened glass can be customised with custom colouring, sandblasting or simply left clear for a classic approach.

Whatever your requirements, Futureglass is confident that we will have the office solution for you.

As part of our ISO 14001 manufacturing culture, we ensure that all of our materials are ethically sourced. And our products conform to the strict regulations of BS EN 12150-2:2004 (which replaced BS 6206A).

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