Common consideration and questions

Common consideration and questions

Shapes for boardroom tables

Space around the perimeter for seating

Boardroom table seating design?

Futureglass glass-topped boardroom tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes (link to the product page and add DRAWING of different table and shapes – photos of chairs and sizes of tables provided), so there is no simple answer. The capacity of our glass boardroom tables also depends on whether the meeting is formal or informal - people generally require less room for an informal meeting.
As a starting point, a 1500 diameter glass boardroom table would comfortably seat eight people, but if necessary, you could fit ten or even twelve people around a contemporary glass-topped table of that diameter.
The type of chair also affects boardroom table seating capacity. Office chairs without arms are generally narrower, while chairs with arms vary greatly in width. If you have smaller style chairs, chairs with straight or reclined backs, or chairs with/without castors, this can also affect the capacity. Send us a CAD file from the manufacturer and we can show a layout of your glass boardroom table with the chairs in situ around the table.
One way to estimate the size of the Futureglass glass boardroom table top you need is to set out your chairs in a typical boardroom table seating arrangement and then measure the space required within the office seating area.

Power and data in tables

Tinted or Opaque glass?

Fittings showing on glass

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Surface finishes on glass

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