The Philosophy of GEM

The Philosophy of GEM

The GEM range was developed from a very clear and unique philosophy; Managing vibration through relentless engineering resulting in elegant supports that are timeless in their beauty and peerless in their performance.

GEM stands for Generated Energy Management, the philosophy of managing the vibrations caused by your equipment allowing it to work as the manufacturers intended. Put simply, the GEM range actively manages the vibrations of your units to ensure that you hear only what the artist intended. 

The GEM system is a patented design that has been a favoured design of music lovers for decades. Though the system is often imitated, only Futureglass possesses the expertise and knowledge to manufacture the unit. The modular nature of the stand allows you to create a highly personalised unit that consistently maintains the sonic excellence that we strive for. It also means that you can upgrade and adapt your unit as your equipment grows. The design of the support ensures that each section functions independently and can be consistently reconfigured, a breakthrough that offers great advantages compared to traditional rigid frame supports.

Spikes... these reduced the contact point for vibration to enter the stand from the floor and have a school of thought that the vibration can be exorcised from the support through a grounding and strong contact point. We saw that a strong point of grounding worked in either direction. The route cause was unwanted vibration... and we needed a new approach. One that destroyed the vibration. ALthough inbuilt into our product, the most cost-effective tweak is available by siting your support on a vibration controlled spike cup. GEM Spike Cups

This is the theory and now it needs the practice to get you listening to the performances that were recorded. Why not try out a GEM product on your system? Contact us to arrange a demonstration. 

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