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Glass Sneeze Guards & Counters

In the hospitality sector, sneeze guards are of absolute importance to ensure your product is both displayed beautifully and also remains clean and hygienic. Glass sneeze guards and counters are a perfect way to do this. Our glass sneeze guards are designed and manufactured in the UK allowing us the freedom to produce the perfect glass sneeze counter to meet your requirements. With our price calculator, you can receive an instant online quote for your sneeze shield.

Using the drop down boxes select the size of your Cake Display or Sneeze Screen from the pre-configured  options,  tell us how you want to fix the glass food display to your counter top and if you require any shelves to be factory fitted.

The counter is perfect for any small food retailer, restaurant or cafe that needs a good quality product to display their goods with fast lead times and competitive pricing. This is a standard item using stocked glass so the lead time for this item is usually 1-2 weeks from order, please let us know if you are working to a deadline and we will do our absolute best to work with the deadline, however it is not guaranteed.

More Details

The first thing for you to decide on your glass sneeze counter is the required size. (All of our measurements are in millimetres).

We have a number of pre-configured sizes for you to choose from.

Width - (W)  - Is how wide the unit is when viewed from the front.
Depth - (D) - Is how far the unit extends back when viewed from the side.
Height - (H) - Is the unit height when viewed from the front.

We offer four different foot finishes/installation options for your glass sneeze guard. Different foot choices will suit different situations, so we leave this up to you.

  1. Customer Silicone fit to worksurface - just plain glass edges.
  2. Clear VHB Tape (Very High Bond) pre-fitted to the counter bottom edges.
  3. Discrete Rubber Foot pre fitted to the glass edges - allows repositioning of the counter if needed.
  4. Aluminium Channel supplied pre-cut to fit the edges of the counter - allows a more permanent fixing of the counter to worksurface.

Please note, Futureglass will not as standard, carry out the installation work. If you require us to install the glass sneeze shield, then please contact us to see if this will be possible in your area. An installation fee will be charged.

All of our fast delivery counters are manufactured using 10mm thick glass.

All of our glass is toughened so breakages are unlikely to occur.

You can choose to add shelves to your unit which will be permanently bonded in at the time of manufacture.

Full Depth Shelves are **mm less than the depth of the cabinet as standard.

Half Depth Shelves are **mm less than the depth of the cabinet as standard.

Shelf Spacing - You can specify the height of the shelves you add -

The first shelf space will be the distance between the underside of the top panel and the top of the shelf.

The second shelf space will be the distance between the underside of the first shelf and the top of the second shelf,

etc...   Remember that each shelf takes up 10mm in height and so does the top panel . So a 410 mm high counter with one shelf will have only 390mm of usable space inside.
our handy visual display shows what your cabinet will look like.

Doors can make a great confidence boost to customers choosing the best hygiene and freshness for the product.

The supplied doors lift out of the cabinet easily for cleaning or if the doors are not required in winter months. Doors are fitted into a factory bonded top channel and a bottom channel is supplied with high bond tape to allow you to easily fit to your countertop. They are supplied with edge buffers and handles.

Instructions for cabinet doors are in the downloads section towards the bottom of this product page.

All of our counters are packed suitable for their method of delivery.  On our own vehicle the glass has an anti-scratch film attached and the edges protected with impact absorbing foam.
if being delivered by courier they are packed in the same way but are additionally boxed or strapped to a wooden pallet. On some occasions you may notice that the foam edge protection has been re-used - this is to allow us to cut down on our environmental impact and in no way compromises the safety of the units transport.

This section allows you to include any information you feel is relevant. Please note that while we will always do our best to accommodate your requests this will not always be possible. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or visit our knowledge page.

Once you have designed your perfect custom glass sneeze counter, the page will automatically display the price of your unit.

Need something more bespoke?

If you need a specific size of Glass sneeze counter or a particular feature built in have a look at our Bespoke Glass Counters or perhaps our Modular Counters.
We also offer Bespoke L Shape counters and Modular L shaped Counters.

Installation/Delivery Details and Lead Times
Installation/Delivery Pre assembled delivered to your door (follow provided instructions) or Suitable for installation by competent person without experience of futureglass products (follow provided instructions)
Lead Times Custom glass requires building once glass produced- expect 3 to 4 weeks

Glass Sneeze Guards & Counters

  • Brand: Futureglass
  • Product Code: Custom Sneeze Counters
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £360.00

  • Ex Tax: £300.00

Available Options

Please Enter sizes in Milllimetres. 1cm = 10mm, 1" = 25.4mm 

Price updates automatically up to maximum dimensions of 1800mm, and above 200mm.

Please contact us for larger sizes not priced automatically.

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